how to pronounce baobab

Most people go to the library or a local book shop to browse reading material, but a few trend-defiers out there prefer the chilled drinks section. Whilst flicking through the fruitiest titles on the market, you may have spotted a central character in our gorgeous greens smoothie goes by the name of ‘baobab’.

The humble baobab fruit.

Baobabs come from Africa, and they're probably the biggest pods we’ve ever seen. 

Bigger than an ipod classic. Bigger than an ipod nano if you blow in the headphone socket and inflate it like a balloon. Bigger than a pod-racer in cinematic masterpiece The Phantom Menace. Maybe.

Trouble is, we've never quite figured out how to pronounce baobab.

Is it baa-oh-bab? Bay-oh-bab? Bow-bab? Bay-ob-ab? Bow-o-bab? Bow-ob-ab? Ba-oh-ba-ab?

Not a clue.