Thoughts from April 2018

sustainability a-z part 2

Nature loves changing. The humble caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly. A tiny acorn turns into a gigantic oak tree. And then there's the weather...

March - SNOW April - SUMMER A confused nation walks around in it's big coat and flip flops

Inspired by nature (and the clever lot at Do Nation) we've been thinking of some changes we could make to help look after it. We shared a few of them last month, and then left you on the edge of your seats, wondering just what might come after H. The wait is finally over, and it turns out it's I.


insulate to accumulate

Your loft is the biggest culprit for poor insulation. Lagging your loft properly means your house can do a better job of staying warm in winter and cool in summer and not leak extra heat into the atmosphere.


tweet your heroes

Recently we spent the morning handing out bottles of juice at Paddington Station.

We tweeted:

We were just wondering if our orange juice would go down well with a certain marmalade-loving someone when who should tweet us but the bear himself?

  Paddington bear (the paddington bear) tweeted us:

It’s not every day you get a tweet from someone with a train station named after them. Cue extreme giddiness and a good stiff walk to calm our nerves.

We said to padddington

We hired fourteen proof-readers to check that for spelling misteakes.

Paddington said

Fourteen proof-readers suddenly had their job roles changed to marmalade-stirrers-in-chief.

After a very stressful brainstorm about what to say back, we came up with

"Sure it's not spelt Peroo?" "Who said you could stop stirring?"

Paddington, bless his socks, said

They say never meet your heroes. We say don't tell us what to do.