a headful of hats: the biggest of the Big Knit hat collections (so far)

Recently, on Facebook, Sam started sending us pictures of the various Big Knit hats she’d been buying. After a few days we started to wonder just how many Big Knit hats Sam had got her hands on.

“There are more than I had realised,” she wrote. “110 to be exact - 22 from this year, so far. I’m trying to be more strict and just get super-novelty ones.

“I am still hoping and searching for the elusive ‘unicorn’ of hats, a ‘peas in a pod’ which I saw featured a few years back. I’ve never managed to find one.”

This got us thinking. Who exactly has the biggest of the Big Knit hat collections? Is it Sam with her 110 or is there someone out there who can claim the title? So that’s what we’re asking. Do you have more Big Knit hats than Sam? Let us know by emailing We’d love to hear from you.

And if you’ve got a ‘peas in a pod hat’, can Sam have it?