How Selina became Sealiona

It's difficult to get excited about a colleague's holiday. They get to jet off somewhere sunny while you’re stuck at the same old desk, fiddling with the same old spreadsheets. So when Selina headed to the Galapagos Islands recently, we said how happy we were for her and then proceeded to complain amongst ourselves for the entire time she was away.

When she returned we followed proper office etiquette and asked her how it went. “Oh, it was great,” said Selina as we all smiled politely. “I even have pictures.” Someone at the back audibly groaned.

But then we saw the pictures. We all owe Selina an apology. She never told us there would be sea lions. Wild sea lions at that. Wild sea lions that would walk up to you and hang out with you. Wild sea lions with whiskers.

Just look at them. With their rolled up necks.

This one’s had a busy day at the office and decided to go to the beach for a rest. Keep up the good work, sea lion.

We suspect this sea lion is actually on holiday. It’s the only explanation for it being on a sun lounger. Only people on holiday are allowed on them.

Selina even explained the difference between seals and sea lions. “Sea lions have external ears,” she said. “Seals, I don’t know where their ears are, but it’s not the same.” Thanks, Selina.

Of course, it goes without saying that Selina is now called Sealiona throughout the office. Let nothing stand between us and an obvious joke.