Thoughts from January 2015

Legs of cheese or arms of bacon?

Would you rather have arms made of bacon or legs made of cheese? We posed that very question on the back of our smoothie cartons recently and Will wrote in to say that he would much rather have arms made of bacon to avoid the whole 'cheesy feet' stigma and resulting social isolation. We drew him a picture to better illustrate how this might look so he could make a more informed decision:


We think he's onto something – while bacon arms may attract a stray dog or two, you'd always have delicious bacon at your fingertips. Literally.

rio's cats: the sinister truth

Our Rio owns two cats. This one here is called Ruby:


And this one here is Jasper:


Though they may give the appearance of being regular cats doing regular cat things, we have uncovered mounting photographic evidence to support the theory that Ruby is plotting to kill Rio, and Jasper is desperately trying to warn her with his eyes.

The fear is real:


The things he knows. The things he's seen:


 "I think Ruby is plotting...she's right behind me, isn't she":


"It's too late for me now. I'm in too deep. Save yourselves":


But Ruby's reign of terror continues unnoticed by Rio:




But for how much longer?

To be continued...

flashing your bum at Aston from JLS


You know that feeling when you go out to a swanky club one night and end up accidentally flashing your bum to Aston from JLS? No? Well our Rio does. She was wearing her snappiest jumpsuit, complete with an out of the way (and easy to forget...) zip that runs down the back. After visiting the loo, Rio walked confidently back into the club, only to have a worried onlooker inform her that her zip was open, exposing her bottom to the entire place, including Aston, who was propping up the bar mere metres away. Mortifying. 

dale's smoothie disaster

Since one of innocent's founders, Jon, found himself covered head to toe in smoothie one hungover morning, there has been a plaque on the wall here at fruit towers with the sensible instruction to 'shake before opening, not after'. We even put it on our bottles. However, it doesn't seem to have been enough as, this week, poor Dale here became another victim of distracted smoothie shaking. 


We feel your pain, Dale, but thanks for acting as a good warning to us all.

goodies for goodies

The bowl of sweets currently sitting at the front desk of fruit towers gives out both treats and important advice on personal hygiene.


Because there's always one.

If it's you, stop reading this immediately, go and wash your hands and wipe down your keyboard with an antibacterial wipe. Or burn it.