Animals in Big Knit hats

The Big Knit has been in full swing over the last couple of weeks and you lovely lot have been showering us with lots of excellent photos of your behatted smoothies (keep 'em coming). In the case of...erm...the more...enthusiastic...among you you've even gone so far as to place the hats atop a fluffy head or two. As it's difficult to think of many things more adorable than a pet sporting a tiny hat we've compiled our Top 5 favourite animals in Big Knit hats so far:

5. Georgia's cat Kevin

Black and maroon go together like Kim and Kanye and Georgia's cat Kevin knows it. Front paws splayed, eyes fixed mischievously on the camera, whiskers perfectly groomed, fur sleek and glossy: this is a cat who knows how to wear a hat. Bravo Kevin. Bravo.


4. Lucy-Elanor's guinea pig Daphne

A tiny bear on the head of a guinea pig? They said it couldn't be done, they said it had never been seen before, they laughed, oh how they laughed...LOOK UPON THIS PHOTO AND WEEP, MY FRIENDS. Lucy-Elanor has succeeded where many have failed (probably) by successfully placing a tiny bear hat on the head of a long haired guinea pig called Daphne. You're our hero, Lucy-Elanor.



3. Katy's degu Moss

This degu. What is a degu? Is it a chinchilla? Is it a possum? Is it a big rat? Whatever it is, Katy's degu, Moss, is our favourite degu. Ever. Especially when he's wearing a hat with dreadlocks attached. Glastonbury ready, for sure.


2. Ella the rabbit

This photo of @Tubayv's rabbit Ella should hang in the National Portrait Gallery. Perfect sideways turn, Mona-Lisa-esque ambiguous smile, powerful glare - it's got all the makings of a masterpiece. And the hat covering the ears? A stroke of genius. Hilarious genius.


1. Andrew's dog Orla

Regal. Majestic. Sublime. Lofty. Appraising. Imposing. Dog-like. These words, and more, came to mind when we spotted this photo of Andrew's dog Orla sporting a Big Knit hat. We've never seen an animal look quite so dignified with a miniature woolly hat perched on the top of their head and we just feel that Orla has taken the whole thing to another level. A level that we weren't expecting. If Orla's free for any ad work, be sure to give us a bell, Andrew, yeah?


Thanks to everyone who has bought one of our behatted bottles this year - whether you've placed them atop the head of an animal or not you've made our day and helped raise lots of money for Age UK. You're the best, basically.