10 things you should definitely give up for Lent

Social media, chocolate and swearing. Sounds like a great night in to us, but these were actually the most common things that people gave up for Lent last year. If you are one of the many people who has pledged to cease the tweets, swear off the profiteroles or swear off swearing altogether then very good luck to you (we'll try not to scroll through Facebook while eating a Crunchie and cursing profusely if you're in the vicinity). However, if you'd like to try ditching something that will be really difficult, then try giving up one of the following:

  1. Using emojis and/or sarcasm to avoid talking about your feelings.
  2. Lying on your C.V. Has 'The Apprentice' taught us nothing?
  3. Cleaning your computer screen. You know that dust will be back tomorrow. And it will be worse.
  4. Putting clothes on animals. They don't like it. 
  5. Talking about 'Fifty Shades of Grey' to your work colleagues. Bit awkward.
  6. Using Comic Sans. Even if you're a teacher. No excuse.
  7. Pronouncing Dubai 'Doo-bye'. It's Doo-bay.
  8. Forgetting about the moon. It hasn't been in the news lately but it's still up there.
  9. Forgetting to water your plants
  10. White bread. Filthy habit.

We've actually given up pictures and video for Lent this year so our words are going to do all the talking. Phlanx. There's an unusual word for you. Not even sure it's a real one, actually. Hmm. How long is Lent again?