Thoughts from April 2015

British summer bingo

It's April. The sun is out. It's pretty hot. This is the happiest the British public have been since Wispa's made a comeback. If you've been out and about in the last few days you're almost guaranteed to have experienced at least one of the following:


Extra points for sighting one of the lesser-spotted British summer scenes such as a young boy vaulting his garden gate to get to the ice cream van, a group of smartly dressed young professionals drunk on a canal boat or someone who's fallen asleep in the sun under a tree and developed a very unusual sun burn pattern.

Considering Clementines

Clementines and mandarins. Both small, both orange, both delicious. Both excellent for pretending you’re a giant holding a regular sized orange. And now both blended together in our new clementine and mandarin juice. It just made sense.

Here at innocent, we have a dedicated team of people who travel around the world selecting the cream of the fruit crop for our drinks, whilst making sure it’s all sourced sustainably. A few months back, we asked the team to find us some clementines and mandarins to squeeze into our new recipe. Always up for a challenge, our George and Robin headed off to sunshiney Spain to find the very best clementines and mandarins the country had to offer.


While they were there, they discovered that Spanish farmers actually call clementines the ‘king of the mandarins’ because of its sweet taste and general deliciousness. We tasted them and had to agree, which is why we always make sure that our juice is 80% clementine.

George and Robin also went to look in on some research that is currently being conducted into how the clementine harvesting window could be extended. The picture below shows a farm at the research facility where they are attempting to cross pollinate different varieties in order to create a clementine that could be harvested in either October or March.


They haven’t quite cracked it yet, but we’ll be sure to let you know when they do.

In the meantime, we think it’s about clemen-time you gave our juice a go. Sorry. But not that sorry.

A gooder than normal Friday


When it comes to weekends, johns and bottoms, long is definitely how we like them. Four full days of carefree frolicking, shoddy DIY and smashing the ears off chocolate rabbits while trying to justify not showering for the third day in a row. Or, you know, visiting family, going for long walks and saying, “oh no, I couldn’t possibly - I’ve already had three Mini Eggs and I’m just about to go and jog them off”. Both options are valid, in their own way, but this is probably how our Easter is going to go:

1.)    8am – receive chocolate egg. Think how a little piece will be lovely with a cup of tea later.

2.)    8.03 – Look at chocolate egg. Think "oh I couldn’t possibly" and decide to get up in a minute to prepare a bowl of bran flakes.

3.)    8.04 – Peel away a little bit of the foil. Decide that you’ll only have a little piece and wrap the rest up for later.

4)    8.07 – Only the foil remains. You don’t remember chewing and wonder if it’s possible to swallow an Easter egg whole like some kind of human snake.

Whether you’ll be spending more time in your wellies or your slanket this weekend, we hope it’s long, sunny and at least a little bit chocolatey.