a visit to Berhampur village

Covering 425 sq miles (1,100 sq km), the Chilika lagoon in India is the largest brackish water lake in Asia. Chilika is separated from the Bay of Bengal by a sandy ridge, with just a narrow channel connecting to the sea. Our Geraldine has been over there visiting Berhampur village on Chilika Lake, spending time seeing for herself the progress of a project supported by the innocent foundation, via Jeevika Trust


Geraldine met a group of women who have directly benefited from the project already. They've formed local self-help groups, and received training in how to make the most of their natural resources. They now have access to funds and pool their savings, which means that they've been able to do things they wouldn't otherwise have been able to do. They were keen to show Ge the different ways they were now able to make a living:

Some bring in money by cultivating crabs and prawns...

cultivating crabs on Berhampur Island

Cultivating crabs on Berhampur Island Cultivating crabs on Berhampur Island

…Some have improved their crop harvests by investing in vermicomposting...


…and some are now cultivating cashew nuts, bananas or coconuts.

farming in Berhampur farming in Berhampur

You can read more about Geraldine's visit to Berhampur, and about some of the people she met, over on the innocent foundation's website.

women in Berhampur