modern day horror stories

Now perhaps we're just not easily scared, but personally we've never found anything that frightening about people dressed as sexy cats, sexy ears of corn, sexy jellyfish or sexy grapes. We don't find hashtags particularly terrifying either. Annoying perhaps. But nothing to be afraid of. So if you want to really scare the pants off people this weekend, why not take costume inspiration from our list of things that are actually properly scary (some will be easier to dress up as than others):

 1. Less than 10% phone battery


2. Poorly maintained rope bridges

3. London house prices

4. An email from your boss at 5pm saying that you have to do an hour long

presentation to 200 people tomorrow

5. Unexpected tax bills

6. How little you've paid off your student loan

7. The wi-fi is down


8. Lifts with glass floors

9. The possibility that if you switch queues, the one you've joined might

actually be slower than the one you were in

10. All the germs that are on your computer keyboard