Thoughts from October 2014

cold off the press

For ages we've been craving healthy fruit and veg juices with no unpronounceable additives that actually taste properly good and fresh. Happily, we work for a juice company. So we made a couple. They're called easy greens and skip to the beet, they're cold pressed and they're delicious – even tastier than the ones you might make at home (if you had the time to dust off the juicer and buy the ingredients and do all of that peeling and chopping and stuff).

Both are available in selected Starbucks stores now (more places coming soon) so now there's no excuse not to eat/drink your greens/pinks.

meet Sukanti the goat farmer

Our Geraldine's been over in India visiting one of the projects supported by the innocent foundation. Scoot over to the innocent foundation blog to read about her encounter with a lady called Sukanti, who farms goats in the Chilika Lake region in the east of India. 

This is Sukanti here, with her son, one of her goats and a friend. 

Sukanti with her son, a goat and a friend


just a small time juice

Travel scrabble. The Borrowers. Micro pigs. Cold, hard proof that when you make things smaller, you make them better (sort of). So, we've gone and made some little versions of your favourite juice blends, for when you're on the move. Now, not only can you pick up a handy 330ml apple juice or orange juice, you can also plump for an apple & raspberry juice and apple & mango juice too.

You can find them in selected stores (including Waitrose) right this minute. 

Three cheers for the innocent juice team, the hardest working folks in fruit towers*.

*apart from the blog post writers, of course.

How to grow mint

Ah, mint. Wonderful stuff. The main ingredient of two of life's biggest necessities: toothpaste and mojitos. So, how about growing your own? Money Matters at Sainsbury's have come up with this handy guide that'll have you minted in no time: