Thoughts from October 2014

Meet the Knitters: Ella

Last week, a lovely lady called Lesley got in touch to champion her friend Ella, who has been tirelessly knitting hats for the Big Knit all year.


Ella is 78 years old and, when she’s not knitting (or pom pom making), she's working at her local community centre cooking lunches with Age UK.

Ella has managed to tally up a stonking 1000 hats this year (to add to the 500 she made for us last year) and, after sending them in, is now helping her friend bulk up her donation too.


Thank you for the absolutely amazing effort Ella – you’re a true knitting champion and your hard work will make a massive difference to this year's campaign. We couldn't do it without you.

tape marks the spot

We got pretty excited the other day when we spotted this on the floor of fruit towers:


Unfortunately by the time we'd popped home to pick up our metal detector and astro-turf removal device (may or may not exist) the treasure had already been pilfered. That, or David had found a better place to store his lunch money (in his pocket).

spiders in veg pots

We’re not going to lie – opening an email with the subject line ‘spider in a veg pot’ gave us a slight heart-stopping moment of dread, but we soon recovered when we realised that it was all in the name of science. 

You see, nature enthusiasts Dylan and Kieran have been using our empty veg pots to make ‘insect observation pods’ so they can observe and draw creepy crawlies before setting them free. 


We thought their idea was so brilliant we decided to award them with very special and exclusive 'Certificates of Recycling':


You’re recycling heroes, boys (and we'll look at a spider a little more closely next time we spot one, thanks to you).

If we're honest we still don't see it.

This week we received this picture from a youngster called Monty. 


We admired what was clearly a brilliant depiction of the blending of strawberries in an innocent smoothie: such creative use of different reds, such movement, such a prodigious talent to bring squashed fruit to life in such an original... Oh. Hang about. On turning it over, we noticed a note on the back, saying that this was actually Monty's painting of a red combine harvester. Yes, we can see it now. Monty, we love it. Thank you.

the Big Knit crochet patterns



We've been asking you lovely lot to get your knitting needles clacking for the Big Knit 2014, but we'd also really love it if you got your crochet hook...hooking...too. Lots of you have been asking us for crochet patterns this year so we though we'd compile a list of our favourites below:

Types of hat

Animal patterns

Not animal patterns

You can also find all of our knitted hat patterns here and more on the lovely Jo's site here

Thanks very much to everyone who is knitting/crocheting for us this year - we couldn't do it without you.