Thoughts from October 2014

modern day horror stories

Now perhaps we're just not easily scared, but personally we've never found anything that frightening about people dressed as sexy cats, sexy ears of corn, sexy jellyfish or sexy grapes. We don't find hashtags particularly terrifying either. Annoying perhaps. But nothing to be afraid of. So if you want to really scare the pants off people this weekend, why not take costume inspiration from our list of things that are actually properly scary (some will be easier to dress up as than others):

 1. Less than 10% phone battery


2. Poorly maintained rope bridges

3. London house prices

4. An email from your boss at 5pm saying that you have to do an hour long

presentation to 200 people tomorrow

5. Unexpected tax bills

6. How little you've paid off your student loan

7. The wi-fi is down


8. Lifts with glass floors

9. The possibility that if you switch queues, the one you've joined might

actually be slower than the one you were in

10. All the germs that are on your computer keyboard

Blood orange juice.

 PUBLIC SAFETY WARNING: this Halloween, one of the oranges on our bottles has turned nasty.

He's on the loose and he's dangerous. But also delicious.

(thanks to Fabian for sending us this mugshot of the villain on Facebook). 

Meet the Knitters: Julie's nan Jean

Last week, Julie got in touch to tell us about her 87 year old Grandma Jean, who she thinks is a true knitting hero.


Jean has been knitting since she was a young girl and, over the years, has knitted clothes and toys for her 6 children, 11 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.

For the past 20 years she has also knitted coats, hats and mittens for the Premature Baby Unit at Derriford Hospital, along with mini Santas for their beds at Christmas. All this along with trauma teddies for the Ambulance Service and jumpers for orphans helped by Oxfam. 

After hearing about the Big Knit through Julie, Jean has now been knitting little hats since 2010 and doesn't look to be stopping any time soon.


Jean - you're Julie's hero and you're our hero. Thanks for all hats you've knitted for us over the years and for all the other charities you've helped along the way too - you've made a massive difference.

Meet the Knitters: Karen and the Chesterfield Knitting Group

Last week, we heard that a knitting group in Chesterfield had managed to tally up a whopping 4000 (yes there are three zeroes after that 4) hats and (after counting those zeroes a few more times) we tracked them down to find out how they’d managed to achieve such an incredible total.


It turns out that in 2013 a lady called Karen set up StraightCurves, an arts and crafts group which teaches all sorts of crafty bits and bobs to people of all ages in the local community. Alongside teaching, Karen also set up ‘social crafting’ sessions so that people with a passion for all things crafty could get together each week and have a bit of a laugh and a cuppa over their current projects. She called one of these sessions ‘Woolly Wednesday’ and, last year, some of the ladies of Woolly Wednesday decided to have a go at making some hats for the Big Knit.


They managed to knit themselves a grand total of 100 hats (which is a more than brilliant total), but Karen decided that they needed a slightly more ambitious target for 2014 and they thought 1000 hats would be all they could manage. 


 However, the hats just kept rolling in and they managed to reach that target by 12th July. So, they decided to keep going. They soon ran out of space in their studio for all those hats so Sue, who owns their local wool shop, The Knitting and Sewing Bee, kindly set up a drop off point so that they had somewhere to put them all.


There are currently 53 members of their group on Facebook (with a few more offline members too) made up of people of all different ages and knitting expertise – some only started to knit or crochet 2 weeks ago, and others have been knitting one, pearling one for over 65 years. They like to set each other little hat challenges – one of which was to recreate the Crooked Spire (a local Chesterfield landmark) in hat form (which, they're proud to say, they did manage). As they've enjoyed the Big Knit so much this year, and managed to collect and make so many little hats, they’ve now set up a year-round charity knitting group which will focus on knitting for different causes close to their hearts.

Their story really inspired us, and we want to say a massive thank you to Karen and all of the Chesterfield knitters. You’ve really got stuck in and used your crafting expertise to make a huge difference, and raise lots and lots of money for Age UK. So, thanks knitters of Chesterfield – you’re all brilliant.