Meet the Knitters: Joy Windram

A couple of weeks back, we spotted this photo of 100 beautifully knitted little hats on our Facebook wall:


We thought they were absolutely brilliant and wanted to find out a bit more about the person who had knitted them. We discovered that it was lady called Joy, who has been knitting for as long as her son Chris can remember.


This is Joy’s first year participating in the Big Knit, and she set herself the challenge to knit 100 hats. When she reached her target, she took them into Andover Age UK. However, she missed them so much when they had gone that she is now knitting even more. So far she has made 32 extra, including the smoothie bottle hat in the picture above.

She now hopes to do another 100 on top of the 100 she's sent off to Age UK already.

Joy – you are absolutely brilliant (and a bit of a knitting machine by the sound of it). Thank you for knitting so many hats for the Big Knit – we can’t wait to see them all.