Meet the Knitters: Eva and The Breakfast Club, Hoxton

If you live in London and have fancied something big and delicious after a heavy Friday night, you might’ve found yourself queuing with all the other bleary eyed folk outside one of the branches of The Breakfast Club (and if you haven’t you should definitely, definitely try it sometime). However, their breakfasts aren’t the only reason to pay a visit - the Hoxton branch also holds a fortnightly get-together for Age UK and, when they heard about the Big Knit, they jumped at the chance to support the cause (and make a highly representative poster advertising it, too):


They now hold a little knitting party in the back of their Hoxton restaurant which includes a multi-coloured table of wool, needles, nibbles and wine. Their group consists of knitters of all ages and expertise - most of them are first-timers who are eager to give it a go and learn a new skill whilst sipping wine and having a chat, others have done it a few times before at school and then there are the experienced; taught by the generations before them and can knit with their eyes closed.


The first evening most people managed to complete a hat (with the star-knitters managing a couple more). We spoke to Eva (the organiser and one of the first time knitters) who told us a bit about her knitting experience at The Breakfast Club:


“After five hours of hard graft and a few glasses of wine, I still hadn’t completed my hat. It looked rather sad, with a few holes in where I’d got confused as to whether I was supposed to be doing a ‘pearl’ or a ‘knit’ stitch. I was told that I was more of a ‘free-spirit’ than a knitter. Undeterred, I came back the next week to complete my hat. I’m now onto my second and I’m hoping to knit a patchwork blanket for the elderly to keep them warm this winter. So I guess you can be a free-spirit and a knitter after all.”


We’re sure you’ll agree that The Hoxton Breakfast Club knitting group looks like a pretty brilliant way to spend an evening (and, remember – the first rule of Knitting Club is: you do not talk about Knitting Club) and the great news is that the lovely Eva has now decided to set this up as a weekly event which will be open to the public. They’ll provide the needles and wool, have happy-hour prices and give donations for joining straight to Age UK (£3). 

So, head down and join them and have a bit of a knit and a natter (probably over a glass of something). To find out how (and salivate over pictures of amazing food) you can give them a follow on Instagram and Twitter.