Thoughts from November 2014

Human Buckaroo

If there’s one thing we enjoy it’s finding new and interesting ways to make the lives of our friends and co-workers slightly more difficult (all in the name of ‘a bit of fun’).  Hollie was clearly thinking along the same lines this week as she sent us this photo of her friend Rory upon whose person she has been playing Human Buckaroo. 


We reckon you could get a couple more bottles on there Hollie. Go on - we believe in you.

sinister panda

We've had some brilliant Big Knit hats in already. Mrs Carpenter sent us this beautifully crafted, if a little sinister, panda.

Sinister Panda has been terrorising David...


Brilliant Big Knit hats

Your little Big Knit hats have been arriving thick and fast (thanks very much you lovely humans, you), so thought we’d do a quick round-up of some of the brilliant hats we've spotted so far:

Sinister panda by Mrs Carpenter


Dougal (from The Magic Roundabout) by Regina


South Park by Clair


Furby (not sure who made him - let us know if it was you)


Hats to remember Jennie's granddad who served in the RAF


Pudsey hats by Jo


Superhero hats by Jane


Whatever the shape or size of the hats you've sent in to us, they're all truly excellent and will look glorious atop a smoothie in February. Thanks again for all your hard work - you are knitting legends, the lot of you.

our final golden bottle

Over the past two weeks we've been showing off the amazing smoothie labels designed for us by a group of interesting and hugely creative folk, all to celebrate our 15th birthday this year.


This is the final one in the series, created by the splendid stencil artist DS



lots of reasons to say thank you

As well as being proud of what we can do with some fruit and a packet of colouring pencils, we're also hugely proud of our innocent foundation.  Ever since we set innocent up 15 years ago, we've given 10% of our profits to charity, largely through the innocent foundation.  

Since it's been going, it has supported 53 charitable projects, in 24 countries across 4 continents - and helped benefit 530,000 people directly.  

None of which could have happened without the support of our drinkers, so we'd like to say a big thank you to each one of you for helping make this happen.

Without all of you, we also also wouldn't be celebrating our 15th birthday this year - so thank you for that too.  We asked Ben the Illustrator to show us what he'd do if he was in charge of our smoothie labels for a day.  Hope you like it.