Thoughts from July 2014

Twist and shout

Ever wondered what the most awkward thing to put in a lift would be?

Well, wonder no more as you gaze upon our brand new Twister lift, just installed here at fruit towers:


So, now we can play Twister in the lift. Great. Intimate team bonding, here we come. We bet your right hand is green with envy.

We post quite a lot about the goings on of fruit towers on our instagram account, so if you fancy seeing what we're up to on a regular basis you can have a look here 

Roll up, roll up - get your veg pots while they're hot.

Recently, we’ve been channelling our inner Gok Wan to give our veg pot range a bit of a makeover. We hate to use the phrase ‘tastier than ever’ but, well, if the shoe fits… (it does and it looks stunning). We’re really rather proud of them (if you couldn’t tell), and now we’d love to give you all the chance to sample one (on us, of course).

There are six to choose from: three completely new recipes and three improved classics, which you can have a closer look at here.

If you’d like to take us up on the offer simply click here and a veg pot coupon will be winging it's way to you very soon.

P.S – if you fancy letting us know what you think after you’ve sampled one either email us at or rate and review the recipe on our website.