Thoughts from July 2014

How to stay cool (according to the 5th floor in fruit towers)

We've been enjoying a lovely spell of weather recently (and fully encourage you to go forth and bask while you still can). However, if there ever comes a time when your body temperature feels like it might bring you dangerously close to combustion, the people of the 5th floor in fruit towers recommend doing one of the following:


If you're up for that last one, just let us know (we'll provide the water balloons).

Tweets of the week

This week we made Chris Hoy related puns, were deemed not quite as good as Kate Russell, were asked if any of our smoothies included chicken wing and got loads of hilarious alternative suggestions from you guys when we posted about the different ways you can use the phrase 'off the hook".


If you fancy having a chat with us on twitter (or just having a look at the bits and bobs we post) then head here. SPOILER: we like puns, dinosaurs and fruit that's a bit of a weird shape.

How to use your fridge

We’re all guilty of wasting the odd bit of food here and there. Whether it’s forgetting we bought that cheese and finding it brown and funny smelling at the bottom of the fridge, or never using that unpronounceable herb we bought for that recipe that time, some things do slip under our anti-food- waste radar from time to time.

Even though it often feels like small titbits here and there, according to this article in the Telegraph, a massive 7.2 million tons of food and drink are wasted each year in Britain (which actually costs the average household a pretty massive £480). That is better news than it was a couple of years ago, but we still reckon we could all do a bit better.

One pretty simple way of cutting down your food waste is to start using your fridge properly. It may sound a bit silly (and obvious) but where you store certain products can make a big difference to how long they last.

Here’s a handy little diagram (that we found here) which shows the dream food in fridge scenario, if you will:


So, the next time you’re unpacking your shopping and stuffing food into your fridge higgledy piggeldy, try organising it on to its designated shelf. Your carbon footprint, and wallet, will thank you.


Tweets of the week

We love talking to you lovely lot through the medium of 140 characters or less, so we've decided to start compiling a round-up of some of the best things you've tweeted us throughout the week (because, let's face it, you're pretty much always funnier than us). If you see your name (or 'handle' if you want to whip out the technical stuff) below, then we would like to cordially offer you a celebratory fist bump. You earned it.

First up Sarah, who got in touch to let us know that our smoothies have helped her break the ice with her desk mate (we think this might be the start of something beautiful).


Eddie Lewis came up with our next marketing campaign. Now we just need to tell the ladies in the products kitchen that we require a pecan deluxe smoothie recipe ASAP and we’ll be good to go.


Anna wanted to find out if Brian had seen the hidden message on our smoothie bottles. We had to inform her that, no, we haven’t heard from him yet (and that we have a sneaking suspicion that he may have lied to us about his penguin and pregnant panda passion). Ah well, plenty more short men called Brian in the…sea.


Liza let us know that a man in a gorilla suit was all she needed to get her creative juices flowing (to see our Sam from I.T posing in his gorilla suit have a look here).


Nic went a bit Heston Blumenthal on us and stumbled upon an unorthodox combination that he insists works a treat.


We found out that Jas’s family are pretty massive fans of our orange juice. 


And finally, our team over in innocent Ireland said hello to a new grassy van, and asked their followers for some naming inspiration. Some of the entries were pretty genius.


If you fancy having a chat with us on twitter (or just having a look at the bits and bobs we post) then head here. SPOILER: we like puns, dinosaurs and fruit that's a bit of a weird shape.

Adventure Times

Recently, we’ve been hankering after a good, old-fashioned adventure. You know, one where you have to use the knots you learnt in Scouts, sleep in a hammock and potentially wield more than three settings on your Swiss army knife. However, fruit towers is stationed firmly in London so finding the time to go off into the wilderness to fill our lungs with fine English country air and ramble about a bit can be slightly tricky.

Step up Alastair Humphreys, seasoned adventurer and all-round nature superhero.

He runs micro adventures for people who find it difficult to fit exploration and getting back to nature into their 9 to 5 routine. He shows them that there are adventures to be found very close to home, if you just take the time to seek them out.

We enlisted his adventurous services and he kindly agreed to take the best team in the business (the Marketing team, naturally) to a mystery location and lead us through some of England’s finest countryside to a makeshift campsite under the trees.

There, we spent the night building a fire, cooking a mean beef stew and sleeping under the stars, before heading off bright and early to catch the train back to work in the morning.

We all fell a little bit in love with Al on the trip, and have been buried in his book ever since. We would definitely recommend embarking on a #microadventure of your own - we came back feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and slightly braver than we were before.

You can buy Alastair’s books, take a look at his beautiful website or follow him on twitter and facebook.