Thoughts from December 2014

Tricia's tree

Over the years we've sent you lot a fair few Christmas presents - socks, tea towels and, nine years ago, Christmas tree saplings. This week we discovered that our Helen's mum Tricia's tree is still going strong – in fact, it is now eight feet tall, bedecked with baubles and has survived a few assassination attempts by Helen's dad, who thinks the garden would look tidier without it. 


Thanks for looking after it so well over the years, Tricia (and excellent jumper, by the way).

DIY Christmas

Walk into any supermarket today and you will be momentarily blinded by walls of baubles and tinsel. You might find that the lure of the glittery pink reindeer is too strong and it makes it into your basket. That's fine - it'll look lovely with that alternative nativity scene starring the cast of Mrs Brown's Boys. But how about also having a go at recycling some of the things you've got lying around the house and putting your own stamp on Christmas? The infographic below from Anglian Home gives you a few ideas to get started.


If you can't get the PVA and glitter out at Christmas, when can you?


We don't mind a bit of healthy competition (it keeps us on our toes) but we were a bit worried this week when Matteo shared his 7 year old daughter Carlotta's plans for a new smoothie company called 'Mangolia'. 


Her drinks come in every flavour, are available in every shop and even have their own dramatic tagline – "Eat it well. Drink it well. It's pure fruit. It's fresh fruit. Mangolia." 

 We'll be keeping an eye on this one.

A smoothie related love story

For years, Bekkha thought our smoothies were "foul, full of bitty weirdness and had the consistency of badly made porridge" (cheers Bekkha). However, one day she spotted one wearing a little Big Knit hat which made her giggle. This caught the attention of a man called James who bought her the smoothie (which turned out to be delicious) and asked for her number. Today marks their four year anniversary and we thought a card celebrating their beginnings was in order. Congratulations, guys.