Thoughts from August 2014


This man here is called Innocent.

And he's holding some innocent juice. This fills us with joy. Thank you, Innocent (not us...the man called Innocent who's holding the innocent, in this blog post from innocent about the man called Innocent holding the innocent and so on and so forth until FOREVER).

bad day in the office

We have a real time counter in fruit towers that tracks how many portions of fruit and veg we've sold that day. Either something's gone wrong here, or we're having a very bad day at the office.

We often post about the goings-on around fruit towers over on our instagram account, which you can find here

Envelope doodles

Here at fruit towers, we like to call our Customer Service Team our People's Champions (because they are champions, my friend), and our People's Champs tend to use any excuse to get the felt tips/crayons/oil paints* out when they write back to our drinkers. Our Rio's signature touch are her biro doodles of customised scenes on the envelope, which we thought were too good not to share:

*only on very special occasions.

A sneak peek at our new labels

Our smoothie carton packaging is due a bit of a refresh soon, so our Kirsty's pencil has been working overtime drawing up lots of ideas for the new labels. So far, she's got what looks like a banana and a strawberry on a stick, a huge tap and a naked woman half buried in some sand wearing a floral wreath. We love it already.


If there's anything you'd like to see on our new packaging, do let us know in the comments. You never know, it might just make it on to Kirsty's sketchpad and then THE WORLD.