Thoughts from May 2013

some life advice for you

We can't claim to know a lot of things, but of this we're sure:

Do not play hide and seek with a cat.

You have no idea what you're up against.

Words from yam farmers of Madagascar

Over the past three years, the innocent Foundation has partnered with Feedback Madagascar to support a project aiming to develop yam cultivation as a sustainable income-generating activity for target communities.

We’re really excited about the impact that this project has had and, whilst we’d happily sit here and share all the details with you, we thought these people would do a better job…

Over to you, yam farmers of Madagascar:

  Yam farmer marohita

‘I harvested about 2 tons last yam harvest. We ate 1 and a half, kept 150kg for seed and distributed 350kg to other members. We ate yams non-stop for 6 months and didn't feel hungry at all during the 'hungry season' and whilst we were house-building.’
Ralaikoa Jean Baptist from Soafanolo, Ambohimahamasina Commune.

Rapinaivola's wife & daughter

‘As we only produced 60kg we kept all of it for seed for the 2012-13 season. We became convinced of the benefits of yam farming after seeing results that other yam farmers got after being trained. Yams are a fantastic food for children, making them chubby!’
Rapinaivola from Soalazaina, Sendrisoa Commune (Rapinaivola's wife & daughter are pictured above).

Cooked yam

‘We harvested 1,800kg in the last yam harvest, which we ate for 5 months (…). I'm satisfied with the results we got and love yams as they're easily digested and healthy. My family continually try to improve the yam recipes we use, for example making yams into baby food or mixing them with different vegetables or beans.’
Rahaovalahy Samuël from Antsahabe, Sendrisoa Commune (there's a photo of some cooked yam above).

Ramana & children 

‘I gained 100,000 Ariary from selling yams: enough to pay for school kits for my 4 children.’
Ramana "Rawily", Chief of Fokontany (pictured above with two of his children).

If you’d like to hear more about Feedback Madagascar, click here. And you can find out more about the innocent Foundation and the projects we work with here.

our lego wall

On the third floor of Fruit Towers, we once had a very dull wall in need of more than just a lick of paint. So behold - our lego wall.

lego wall

It took 2 days, 77 baseplates (2 were binned), a 5 minute queue outside Homebase until it opened and 6 litres of very stinky adhesive to put it all together. We feared no one would do any real work once we had it but its okay - after about 10 minutes, your thumbs get sore from pushing lego into the wall so you stop playing. 

Sam did a bit of maths and worked out there are about 160,000 teeny tiny lego studs on the wall.

Here are some photos of how it was built and some army men.

lego wall

major laser

Office Superman David is playing around with lasers today.

We don’t know why. He claims it’s because he needs to make some really straight lines, and apparently rulers aren’t good enough to do the job.

This sounds like rubbish to us, but we have to admit we’re pretty jealous that he’s now in an elite band of people who get to use lasers as part of their day job. The list now includes:

- Bond villains

- Daleks

- Jedi Knights

- Coldplay

- Superman David

Not bad company to be in.

a little insight into an innocent meeting

we discuss loads of great things during our meetings here at innocent. Sometimes we talk about what kinds of juices we like. Sometimes we talk about why pineapples are called pineapples when they’re neither pines nor apples.

And sometimes we intricately plan the meticulous process of cooking a hen’s egg. If you need proof, have a look below: