Thoughts from March 2013

£98,000 for a big yellow bear

You might remember that last year our co-founder Rich (on the left in dashing pink-purple trousers) led a BBC3 series called Be Your Own Boss, in which he tried to uncover and support a new wave of British entrepreneurs. 

At the very start of the series he gave 500 budding entrepreneurs £100 each (of his own money) and challenged them to come back a week later with a profit. They did, turning Rich's initial £ 50,000 investment into £98,000. 

Rich, along with Adam and Jon (his fellow co-founders) decided to donate the money to BBC Children In Need, which earnt us a visit from Pudsey Bear himself. We asked the boys to hold their cheques up nice and clearly but it turns out that being around a 7' giant yellow bear makes following simple instructions impossible. 

Our thanks go out to all of those people involved in raising the money, and to BBC Children in Need for doing such amazing work.

the mysterious case of the pritt stick on the ceiling

On the first floor of Fruit Towers, there’s a Pritt Stick stuck to the ceiling.

Naturally, this leads to a few questions:

1) How did it get there?

2) Who put it there?

3) Why has nobody removed it?

4) Are Pritt Sticks a more powerful force than gravity?

5) Should we really be getting on with our actual work rather than spending several hours worrying about this?

There’s probably a simple explanation for all of this, but at the moment we’re just a bit stuck*. We’re going to investigate further, but in the meantime keep your eyes glued* to the blog for any breaking news.


prehistoric rocks

...or so it seems.

Say hello to our Dinosaur friends, spotted in Fruit Towers c. 2013.

1) Thesaurus (found by the books on Floor 4)

The dino on floor 4


2) IT Rex

IT rex


3) From left to right: Pat the Apatosaurus (oh yes), Steve the Stegosaurus, Tony the T Rex

Tony steve and pat


4) And finally, Jurassock Park (the unseen footage)