the hats have arrived

Thanks so much to all who sent their woolly creations to us here at fruit towers, plus of course to those who sent them via our friends at Age UK. We were momentarily swamped, with not a bit of astroturf to be seen on floor two. Thanks to our crack unit of hat unpackers we are now in good shape, with hats ready to be put on bottles and the most intricate and wonderful hats ready to fight it out for the title of hat of the week. 

There was much unpacking and cooing at the consistently amazing needlework sent in to us.

And we even received packages from the USA and Australia - the Big Knit's gone global. Thanks again to all who knitted for us, we're constantly amazed by how brilliant your hats are. And for all of you looking to get your hands on one, our little be-hatted bottles will be in Sainsbury's from the 21st of November.