Thoughts from October 2012

making the world (a bit) better

What we eat has a massive impact on our health and the health of the planet, and in the UK the food we eat (growing, producing and importing it) is responsible for 30% of our carbon emissions. But the good news is thata few small changes to what we eat can be really good for the planet (and really good for us too). Our friends at WWF UK have developed the five Livewell principles to help make our food choices both healthy and green, and the best part is that there are no complicated rules to follow, no need to chop everything up into tiny pieces, and no need to start eating lettuce soup (unless of course you really like lettuce soup). Find out more and download some tasty recipes here.

5 steps to a healthier planet

hat of the week 1: dessert or a healthy option?

As ever, we’ve received some incredible needlework for this year’s Big Knit and we need your help to decide which of these woollen wonders is our Hat of the Week. Leave a comment to cast your vote. Will it be Emma’s apple or Sue’s ice cream? Only you can decide.


Sue's 99 Flake

Emma's apple


some inspiring ideas and tips

Our Rich’s new TV show, Be Your Own Boss, has got us thinking about what inspires us – and we asked you to tell us about your dreams, your tips and any advice you had. We've pulled them all together in a handy downloadable booklet which you can read right here: