the spalding flower parade

A few weeks ago our Meera went along to the 54th Annual Spalding Flower Parade, which is the most famous and longstanding event of its kind in the UK.

The theme this year was Food Glorious Food, and around 1.3 million tulip heads were painstakingly pinned to the floats by an army of volunteers.

Here's a lovely wedge of watermelon and a big juicy lemon.

float at the spalding flower parade

Here's something else but we're not entirely sure what. If you have any idea do let us know.

float 2 at the spalding flower parade
Here are some people dressed as vegetables.

people dressed as vegetables at the spalding flower show
Here's the oompah band.

oompah band at the spalding flower show

And here's a lady wearing a jacket made entirely of cats. Incredible.

woman in a jacket of cats

If this looks like your kind of event, go out and buy a 2013 diary right now and make a note for next year - Saturday 4th May.

UPDATE: Mystery float revealed
The eagle-eyed Lucy H has spotted that it's Four and Twenty Blackbirds Baked in a Pie. Phew.