Thoughts from May 2012

Violets for Violet

A few weeks ago a nice lady called Kate got in touch to tell us of her little girl's mission. A mission to quite literally find a packet of seeds with her name on them.

Violet's Mum bought box after box of smoothies, but ended up with piles of every other kind of seed. At one point Violet even considered changing her name to Basil.

That's where we decided to step in and help.


Today, amongst a pile of boring brown and white envelopes, we noticed something that looked a bit special.

thank you letter 

thank you letter

Turns out it was a little thankyou letter from Violet, complete with her very own trademark flower doodle.

no more grass...

Today we launched our Fruit Sports Day website. Lovingly hand drawn by Kirsty using our favourite (now discontinued) Karisma pencils.

It's fair to say Kirsty probably drew a football pitch worth of grass over the last few weeks and here's all that's left of her beloved green pencil. We're now on the look out for another brand of pencils to fall in love with. Suggestions welcome in the comments below.  

green pencil

some special news

We’re dead chuffed to be the official juice and smoothie of the London 2012 Olympic Games. To celebrate, we’re hosting our very own Fruit Sports Day in Regent's Park on Sunday 22nd July, and if our Village Fetes are anything to go by, it’s going to be a very good do.

On the day you can to test your balance in the 100m lemon and spoon, your endurance in the sloe bike race, and your ability to run in a giant bean costume in the runner bean relay. And if all that sounds like too much hard work then fret not, because there’ll also be lots of great bands performing and delicious, healthy food to munch on. And it’s going to be sunny. We’d love you to come so we wanted to give you first dibs on getting tickets. Click here to bag yourself a spot.

the innocent fruit sports day, 22nd july, regent's park