Thoughts from May 2012

our new roof garden

We had a bit of a treat at the end of last week when Mike from Rocket Gardens came in to help us set up a veggie patch on the roof of fruit towers. It's something we've wanted to do for a while now and our Janel was amazing in getting everything ready for our very own office Eden. As you can see Janel is pretty excited that it all came together.

Here's Mike from Rocket Gardens with a bag of his trusty worm cast. Great for courgettes he tells us. Mike grew all the seedlings we planted and even knocked up the flowerbeds. Thank you Mike, you're the best. His wife was ready to give birth at any point too, so we hope he got back home in time.

The produce is looking good enough to eat already, although perhaps a little more patience is needed.

Mike also wouldn't tell us what one of the plants was. We're all pretty keen to find out, although if you can tell from the picture please don't let us know as we all like a good surprise.





an olympic makeover

Some men dropped by earlier to hang a giant poster off the side of the building.

Here's one of them hard at work.

workmen hanging the giant olympics poster

And here's the poster, swishing seductively in the afternoon breeze.

our new olympic poster

the ultimate summer playlist

The sun came out for about 2 minutes earlier today. We'd like him to come out for a bit longer tomorrow, and we'd also like to book him for our Fruit Sports Day on 22nd July at Regents Park, so we're going to try and entice him by blasting out our favourite summer tunes and wearing espadrilles. We've put our top 11 below, and we'd love to hear your suggestions too so we can put together the ultimate summer playlist and make Mr Sunshine stick around. Take a listen to our picks here.

innocent's top 10 summer songs