Thoughts from May 2012

scott's secrets to success #2

Scott's very busy so he doesn't have time for ironing, but he does still need to look smart in meetings. So today he brings you a clever way to save time and energy while still looking superfly.

Scott says “Simply put on your shirt as soon as you step out of the shower, rub your hands all over your chest and back as if you were rubbing in suncream, then have a Danish pastry while you wait for it to dry. It feels weird at first, but you get used to it.”

man in a shirt

fancy winning our new hungry? paperback

hungry paperback**This competition is now over, thank you to everyone that entered**

Do any of you remember we made a recipe book last year called Hungry? All about filling you with good stuff? Well we’ve just released our new paperback version and to celebrate we’ve got five copies to give away. All you have to do is answer this question ‘How does asparagus grow?’

Is it a) On branches, b) in water, or c) straight up? If you think you know the answer all you have to do is comment pop a comment in the box below.

The competition ends next Friday (25th) and is only open to residents of the U.K. The winners will be drawn from the biggest hat we can find and notified by email.

colouring in made easy (again)

Earlier this month we blogged about the miniscule remains of our favourite grass-drawing pencil. With less than a centimetre left, drawing was getting pretty tricky. Luckily for us a very kind lady read our blog and came to the rescue.

grass drawing pencils

She sent us the exact green Karisma pencil we needed along with the rest of the set.

We want to say a big

Thank you rosie king

for making a the creative team* very happy (and making drawing grass much easier).

Rosie please email us your address so we can send you something to say thank you.


*Kirsty in particular