jimmy nail update

A little while ago we found ourselves wondering what Jimmy Nail was up to.

Jimmy nail

We hadn't seen hide nor hair of him since his 2001 album release 10 Great Songs And An OK Voice, and frankly we were worried he had shunned his showbiz lifestyle for good.

A chance sighting by one of our drinkers - "I saw him in Wallsend Aldi buying chopped tomatoes, I think he may have been planning a chilli" - and the discovery of his beloved crocodile shoes on sale in a charity shop did nothing to allay our fears. 

So if you were one of the four people who got in touch with us to ponder his whereabouts, you'll be pleased to know that we've tracked him down. He's with his good friend Sting and they're writing a musical together all about the lives of people in their home town of Newcastle back in the 1980s. Welcome back Jimmy.

And if you need to be reminded of Jimmy's brilliance, feast your eyes and ears on this.

If you want to find out where one of your favourite celebrities has got to, please let us know. We'll be happy to help find them.