invasion of the sheds

A few weeks ago in our newsletter, we reported that tiny little sheds have been popping up mysteriously along the canal ever since we moved in. 

sheds along the canal

Are they full of tiny little people with tiny little tools, tinkering with tiny little engines, we wondered? Or are they like beach huts but for ducks, who'll paint them pastel colours and then sell them on for obscene amounts of money in a couple of years?

Oh how we laughed at the whimsy of it all. But laughter turned to dismay yesterday when a glance out of the window revealed this:

painted sheds along the canal

Clearly the duck beach hut scenario wasn't so outlandish after all. We'd just fallen into the trap of assuming that the ducks would go for pastel colours, when in fact they prefer the clean, graphic statement of a palette of grey.

They're good, those ducks, and they're moving faster than we thought.