Thoughts from March 2012

get growing, get snapping, get winning

innocent seeds and rocket gardens

As all proper gardeners know, a bit of healthy competition goes a long way when it comes to growing things. So if your seedlings seem reluctant to rear their heads, perhaps the prospect of appearing in the gang's photo gallery, and being in with the chance of winning a cool prize, will be enough to spur them on*.

So once you've planted your seeds, take a few photos and enter them into one of our three categories to be in with the chance of winning a fantastic Rocket Garden.

The guys at Rocket Gardens are as green-fingered as they come. They use their farming know-how and passion for plants to make growing-your-own an option for everyone. They look after the plants when they're young and vulnerable, and send them off as a box brimming with baby organic vegetable and herb plants once they're old enough to be transplanted into your garden.

So what are you waiting for (apart from your plants to start growing)? Get snapping now.


*If not, we've heard that playing Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon to them works a treat.

ready, steady, grow


Free seeds with our smoothies for kids

From now until the end of April, every box of our kids smoothies and fruit tubes will come with its very own pack of easy to grow seeds. There are 6 different varieties to collect, including carrots, tomatoes, cress, basil, violets and sunflowers, and it doesn’t matter whether your garden’s big, small or non-existent, as they can be grown in anything from an empty smoothie carton to an old Wellington boot.

It’s time to get growing.