Thoughts from March 2012

invasion of the sheds

A few weeks ago in our newsletter, we reported that tiny little sheds have been popping up mysteriously along the canal ever since we moved in. 

sheds along the canal

Are they full of tiny little people with tiny little tools, tinkering with tiny little engines, we wondered? Or are they like beach huts but for ducks, who'll paint them pastel colours and then sell them on for obscene amounts of money in a couple of years?

Oh how we laughed at the whimsy of it all. But laughter turned to dismay yesterday when a glance out of the window revealed this:

painted sheds along the canal

Clearly the duck beach hut scenario wasn't so outlandish after all. We'd just fallen into the trap of assuming that the ducks would go for pastel colours, when in fact they prefer the clean, graphic statement of a palette of grey.

They're good, those ducks, and they're moving faster than we thought.

more ways to win with seeds

kids seed packs

As well as having the chance to win a Rocket Garden by taking some snaps of your seedlings and uploading them to the gang's gallery, by registering at and entering two different seed codes from our smoothie packs, you will go into a draw to win tickets to the Royal Horticultural Society's Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

This year the show runs from the 3rd to the 8th of July and promises to be a treat for the eyes and the nose, with thousands of beautiful plants on display, practical demonstrations and lots of expert gardeners on hand to help sort your hardy annuals from your tender perennials. And with the UK all set for another "barbecue summer", it's the perfect day out for all the family.

              plants at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

The prizes just keep on coming. 

who wants to live forever?

Flatworms, apparently, if a recent study is anything to go by.

Clearly unconcerned with rising energy prices, the 50p tax rule and the state of the NHS, flatworms' extraordinary ability to regenerate when split means that they may hold the key to immortality. We'll be keeping a close eye on them in future.

toilet tips

our place


It's amazing what a trip to the toilet in Fruit Towers can reveal. Not only has Dave Evans surpassed himself with the unveiling of the Olympic countdown clock, but the IT team have finally busted the mystery of the missing delete key on Macs. It's almost too much to take in.