Thoughts from March 2012

flies beware

Animals don't eat it; it eats animals. And the odd human if the films are to be believed.

Venus fly trap

But whatever the truth, there's no doubt that the venus fly trap is a plant to be feared. Especially if you're a fly or a spider.

The trap is triggered by tiny little hairs on the inner surface of the plant. If a prospective meal wanders in and stumbles over a couple of these hairs, it snaps shut, trapping its prey inside. The plant then begins to produce special acids which kill and digest its lunch. And if the little fellow tries to escape, the trap just closes tighter and digests it even faster. There really is no escape.

Once it's finished eating, the trap reopens ready for the next unsuspecting victim. Each individual trap on the plant can only operate 3 or 4 times, after which it photosynthesises like a normal leaf or withers and dies.

But that's enough from us. Here's David Attenborough wearing a nice shirt to show us exactly how it works:

And what's more, for the next month or so you could win one of these wonders of nature with our kids juicy drink. All you have to do to be in with a chance is to enter the special code from promotional packs in the gang's garden. Just make sure you take your umbrella.

kids juicy drink pack with venus fly trap competition

blended animals (it's not what you think)

To celebrate our new juice blends we've blended some animals together. Intro-juicing the Giroose and his good friend the Slostrich. We're not recommending blending animals in real life by the way, we just like drawing weird pictures.

Tell us which two animals you'd like to see (pictorally) blended together here and we might just draw them up.

first flesh flash of the year

ben shorts


Ben 'I hate summer' Williams is the first to flash the flesh this year, sporting some rather lovely cream shorts. We salute you Ben, we thought it was still a bit nippy for shorts today, but you have proved us wrong.