Thoughts from March 2012

super slimmer

Back in 2009, changes at our factory meant that our little smoothie bottle had to go from 17g to 23g. Our packaging team worked hard to get the weight down to 20g in 2010, but getting back to 17g proved really difficult (it’s always the last few grams that are the hardest to shift).

our new lighter 17g smoothie bottle

So now, we're happy to announce that we’ve finally cracked it, and after a strict January detox and countless lunges and squats, our little bottle is back down to 17g and looking great. We're always looking for way to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging, and lightweighting is one of the best ways we can do this. By stripping 15% off the weight of this bottle, we’ll save around 300 tonnes of carbon in 2012. Nice work Team Packaging.

will you shower with me?

It's World Water Day today. We waste too much water. Wasting water isn't cool. Here are three ways you can do your bit and save a bit of water:

1. Don't shower for a day (enjoy the musty odour)

2. Take a shorter shower

3. Share a shower with someone (preferably someone you know)

world water day


a cruel prank

kirsty altering a photo of her brother to make it look like he's got a tattoo

This morning Kirsty, our resident prankster, Photoshopped a tattoo onto a picture of her brother and then sent it to her mum. Not being a huge fan of tattoos, her mum was a little upset at the news and was very relieved (if a bit angry) when she found out it was all just a big joke.

Got a better prank? Let us know and we'll get Kirsty to try it out.

facebook, but not as you know it

This enlightening song about the joys of social media is San Marino's entry for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. Englebert's going to need some pretty strong material to compete with this.