Thoughts from March 2012

things that look like other things #2

A little while ago we found a tree that looked like a T-Rex while perusing the internet. We wanted to find some other things that look like other things, so we did what we usually do when faced with such a challenge and headed to Google. From there we clicked our way down the road of ridiculousness, over the bridge of the bland and on through the forests of funny (after a wrong turn which almost sent us into the forest of filth). We didn't really know where we were going, but we found some strange things along the way.

Like this bow tie that looks like a bit of pasta by Microworks (via Swissmiss)

bow tie farfelle

And this bin that looks like the Cookie Monster (via Bem Legaus)

bin that looks like the cookie monster

And this hat that looks like a brain (via Boing Boing)

hat that looks like a brain

Oh internet. Where do you get all these things from?

a nice lunch for earth hour

Tomorrow night is WWF's Earth Hour, when hundreds of millions of people from across the globe will be switching their lights off to show their support for the planet.

Today at Fruit Towers we celebrated a little bit early by donning our brightest clothes and having lunch together in the sunshine. It's a hard life.

Charlie, janel and tim wearing bright clothes

Here are Tim, Charlie and Janel looking even better than usual.

Mic and mary from vege7

Are here are the wonderful Mic and Mary from Vege7, who came along and brightened up our lunchtime with their delicious vegetable chilli and a selection of the type of music that commands you to shake your shoulders and wiggle your hips awkwardly.

We particularly liked their cactus sign, which they rustled up especially for the event using a drain pipe they found in a skip.


Mic and Mary have lived in Forest Gate for 27 years, and have recently started selling their tasty grub, which they make with locally sourced ingredients, at a stall at Woodgrange market place every Saturday. Apparently Mary's secret recipe has been going down a storm there, and after their performance today it's easy to see why. Mic and Mary (you have to say their names together), please come again soon.

friday disco

Skip to 1:48 to see John Henry from the Shamrock Club Belfast take to the stage. In 1981 John was a 26 year old maths teacher, but we're sure that since then he's enjoyed an illustrious career and entertained cruise ships the world over with his loose limbs and snake hips.