drainers Vs. drivers annual charity football match

Every year at innocent we have a charity football match between the drainers (the people who apparently "drain" money from the business, like the creative team) and the drivers (the people who make money for the business, like the sales team). This year the drainers emerged victorious, crushing the drivers 6 - 1. With only a few hairy challenges and a little bit of bloodshed, a great time was had by all. But the chance to run around a muddy pitch and nutmeg each other wasn't the only reason why the lads put their boots on.

jake and jezzaHere are drainers players Jake and Jezza displaying some of the bloodshed that occurred. 

The game was held in aid of the charity Azafady, one of the charities we support through the innocent foundation. This year we raised £220 for Azafady, who are based in the South East of Madagascar, and they help some of the poorest people in the world by teaching sustainable farming techniques, helping women develop their businesses, providing sanitation and preventing HIV. If you check out their website, you'll find loads of information about what they do. 

Unlucky drivers, there's always next year.