Thoughts from June 2012

caroline and the torch

Last week we gathered round the big telly and watched with pride as our Caroline carried the Olympic Torch at Aysgarth Falls in Yorkshire. Caroline's a Scout leader with the 31st Islington Scouts, which she and her fellow leaders set up from scratch nearly three years ago.

caroline and the olympic torch
A mix-up on the application form meant that Caroline was down as a “mystery” torch bearer, leading the locals to think she might be Kevin Costner returning to the place he filmed Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. If they were disappointed they didn’t show it though, as they turned out in their masses and even managed to lure out the sunshine to cheer her and her fellow torch bearers on. Caroline received the torch from 89 year old Maurice Collett, who's been hugely inspirational to hundreds of young athletes in Kendal, and passed it on to Lucy Gale, winner of a Pride of Britain award for saving the lives of some people involved in a car accident on a level crossing.

caroline with the swaledale mountain rescue team

Caroline and the entire Swaledale Mountain Rescue team (they insisted)

To Caroline and the other 7999 torchbearers out there – thankyou for making us so proud, you're doing a brilliant job.

something in the water

No, this isn't 'Attack of the Giant Caviar' in the making, it's actually 400,000 little black balls covering the surface of the Ivanhoe reservoir.

There were found to be high levels of bromate (a carcinogen that forms when bromide and chlorine react with sunlight) in this reservoir back in 2007, and when the Department of Water Protection became aware of it they began constructing a new underground reservoir in Griffith Park. However, while it was being built they had to figure out a way to keep the sunlight out of the water.

Now go and make yourself a nice bromate-free cup of tea. You deserve it.