National Shed Week

This week has been national shed week. So, whether it’s husband, Dad or Grandpa that spends their man-time in a wooden hideaway at the bottom of the garden, this might explain why you haven't seen them for a little while.

If you happen to be one of these shed-dwelling males, then it’s worth noting that this is a nationally recognized week for doing what you do best (as if you needed an excuse).

Alternatively, if you’re looking to spend more time organizing nuts and bolts into specific compartments or really want to get into the specifics of carving doll house miniatures, this is the week to start making plans. We’ve found a few sheds that we hope will provide the inspiration you need to establish your very own timber-framed utopia.

- This fantasy shed is for the more artsy dweller. We’re not absolutely certain that the floors are level so perhaps not ideal for precision woodwork.


- Alex Holland’s ‘Man Shed’ is made from a boat & seems to be solar powered. Very fancy indeed.

- If you’re looking for an on-the-go shed or can’t bear to leave yours when visiting relatives, we recommend the Shed tent.

- The Water Shed is perfect for beach holidays and fishing trips.

And we’ll leave you with the Tetra Shed. This award winning modular building system (shed) is quite possibly the shed of the future.