boredom busters

A (fairly) recent study has shown that the average Briton will spend more than two years of their lives bored to tears. That's around six hours of feeling completely and utterly fed up with life every single week. How very depressing.

bored people

The top 5 things that bore out of our tiny minds are as follows:

1. Having no money

2. Waiting in queues

3. Hearing people whining about feeling ill

4. Waiting for internet pages to load

5. Being ill

Other bores include golf on the telly, waiting for nail varnish to dry, deciding what to eat and waiting for babies to be born. Yawn.

Now, given that 3 o'clock in the afternoon is the time we're most likely to feel bored, and 7 out of 10 people surveyed admitted that the first thing they do when they're bored is log onto the internet, we think we just might be able to help. So from tomorrow for the next month or so (or until we get fed up), we'll be posting a little something on our blog to help you beat the mid-afternoon boredom. We hope it helps.