Thoughts from July 2012

we spend six months of our lives standing in queues

We spend a further twenty weeks listening to Musak on hold, twenty seven days waiting for trains, and five months complaining about bad service.

Time is precious. Claw some back with our time saving tips:

1. Just say no
Practise now. "Malcolm, can you to fax that 3,200 page document to the French office by COP today?" "No."

2. Avoid meetings
94.5% of meetings are a complete waste of time.

3. Don't lend things to anybody
That way you won't waste time stressing over what condition you'll get them back in/whether you'll get them back at all.

4. Listen to happy hardcore while you clean
You'll do everything twice as fast and with a massive smile on your face.

5. Combine tasks
Want buns of steel? Do lunges as you chat at the water cooler. In fact just lunge everywhere. People will be so intimated by you that they won't dare get in the way.