dress up friday

Because the majority of us at Fruit Towers wander about the place looking like a gap year student who's had his shoes stolen, we took the opportunity last week to dress in proper business attire to see what effect it would have on productivity.


Janel and Charlie managed to do the things they needed to do in record time, all because they were dressed so powerfully.


The lads from IT tore through their workload too, solving a lot of problems by telling people to turn their computers on and off and cross their fingers. This left them with a bit of spare time to hang around on the roof terrace and live out their fantasy of becoming contestants on The Apprentice.

Team Hansome II

And the ladies who'd chosen to wear heels found themselves unable to leave their desks after 11.30am, meaning that lunches were skipped and productivity hit an all time high.

All in all, it was a huge success, and by forcing people to pay for the pleasure of dressing uncomfortably we even managed to raise some money for LEAP, a fantastic charity who work with young people and jobless adults and help them to overcome their circumstances to fulfil their potential and play a fuller role in society.