banana phone reality

We've had the bananaphone in Fruit Towers since Day 1 (even though it went walkies for a few years and was taken hostage along the way too). You can call it whenever you like to ask whatever you like and whilst you might not get the authority on Austrian dirndl techniques, you will always get an answer of some sort and someone jovial to chat to.


And interestingly, it turns out that bananas could end up being phones of the future, thanks to some smart folk over in Japan.

A couple of professors at the University of Tokyo have created a clever augmented reality that can make normal household gubbins into communication devices.

Pizza box into laptop. Pack of cards into an iPod.


And, yes, banana into a telephone


It's called 'invoked computing' and you can read all about how it works here.

We're just chuffed to have been 12 years ahead of science.

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