a new bench

We like fruit and we like sitting down, so really it was only a matter of time before we got ourselves a bench modelled on a banana.

It wasn't something we could create ourselves though, so luckily help came in the form of builder and wood carver extraordinaire Neil Melville Rae.

The banana is one of a number of fruit sculptures that Neil's been working on which were submitted to last year's Arundel Gallery Trail as an exhibition called "The Temple of the Strange Fruit".

The Source

The wood used for the sculptures came from a 200 year old oak tree which was sourced locally to Neil in West Sussex. The tree had been dead for some time and was in a dangerous condition, so it was carefully felled and put to good use.

The Model

Here's the model for the banana sculpture.

Work in Progress 1

And here it is being made.


It took a few strapping men to carry it in.


And now it sits pride of place in the chill out.