Thoughts from January 2012

an ode to our juice carafe

Our lovely juice carafe's first birthday is coming up, and to celebrate we'd like to dedicate a nice poem to it.

01 family
Not being great poets ourselves (see below if you need further proof), we'd love you to have a go at coming up with a fitting tribute. It needs to start with the line "It’s our juice carafe’s first birthday", and it should follow the rhyming pattern ABABCDCD, so you might want to avoid sticking an orange at the end of a line. A little bit like the one below, but much, much better:

It’s our juice carafe’s first birthday,
And we’re planning a bit of a do,
We’ll probably play some reggae,
And dance a little bit too.
Someone will bake a big cake,
Hopefully with jam and cream,
Then we’ll all be too stuffed to stay awake,
So we’ll fall asleep and dream.

Leave your poem as a comment to this post and the 3 we like most will each win a case of our finest juice. We'll be picking the winners on Thursday February 2nd so get your entries in by the end of the day on Wednesday.

This competition is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to Lydia, Paulme and Becky. A case of our juice will be on its way to you shortly.

blue monday

So turns out that today is actually Blue Monday a.k.a officially the most depressing day of the year (and not last Monday like we read in some other place).

Anyways, if your Monday is turning out less than chipper or you're just a bit fed up and waiting for home time, soak up this Blue Monday instead

The shorts, oh the shorts.

signed guitar up for grabs

We're not really in the habit of plugging new album releases. Actually, we don't ever plug new album releases. Not even stuff by JLS. But we're happy to tell you that two very talented musicians have a new album out. It's called Area 52 by Rodrigo y Gabriela. If you've not listened to them, you should. They make nice music. And we're big fans.

Rodrigo y Gabriela Area 52 album cover

To celebrate their new album they've given us a signed Yamaha guitar to give away. The guitar's worth £500, and looks a bit like the one here, only signed (Rodrigo y Gabriela are currently touring in Mexico but will sign it when they get back to the UK next month).

Yamaha guitar

The winner will get the signed guitar and a pair of tickets to one of Rodrigo y Gabriela's February UK shows (city of your choosing). Ten runners up will get a CD of the new album posted to them.

To enter, just let us know what your favourite song of all time is* (leaving it as a comment to this post). Deadline for entries is 6pm Sunday 29th January. We'll pick a winner and ten runners up at random next week. The lucky winner will find themselves a signed guitar and a pair of gig tickets richer, ten runners up will be one very good album better off and, if nothing else, we'll all have some jolly good song suggestions to make a monster playlist from.

WINNERS UPDATE - congratulations to Laura Quinton for winning the signed guitar and gig tickets, and also our runners up Helena Marie, Steve K, Dan Brown, Myranda Love, Ian, Karl, Sarah Harman, Leo Sayer, Ali Smith, Shane Simpson, Laura Jeffs.

* Please note - the song you choose will not in any way affect your chances of winning, no matter how bad it is.

valentines for everyone


Fancy something different to an overpriced heart shaped pizza in a restaurant packed to the rafters with shiny balloons this year? Then look no further, because this Valentine's weekend, our friends at food charity FareShare are collaborating with Forgotten Feast and their eco-chef Tom Hunt to produce a unique 3 course banqueting experience – Valentines for Everyone.

For £40 you'll get a fantastic 3 course feast of delicious but unwanted food that might otherwise end up in landfill. Not because there's something wrong with it, but because too much was ordered, it was in the wrong packaging or it was just a bit wonky.

Vegetarians and meat eaters will both be catered for and everyone will sit together for the feast, so even if you don't have a date you won't have to dine alone. The banquet will be held in FareShare’s east London warehouse, and every ticket sold will enable FareShare to provide an additional 80 meals for the hungry and vulnerable people they support, thanks to grant-giving charity StreetSmart who are generously matching the number of meals raised though ticket sales. FareShare rescues surplus food year round and delivers it to local charities all over the country.

Tickets are available for dinner Friday 10th February, Saturday 11th, Sunday 12th (late lunch) and for dinner on Valentine’s Day itself and include 3 courses, a drink and canapés. Get them here.

And to see the work we've been doing recently to prevent perfectly good fruit from going to waste then take a look at our taste not waste project here.