last minute love

It's Valentine's Day tomorrow. And if you haven't already made plans for the one you love/lust/like, there's still time to pull something special out the bag. Here are a few ideas to get the romance section of your brain fired up:

1. Make a personalised smoothie label.


Just click here to unleash your inner Casanova and pen your declarations of love (or pinch one of the ones we've already written). Then, print it out and stick it onto a smoothie bottle, hand it over and wait patiently for them to succumb to your charms.

2.Make a 3D chalk creation that your loved one will see on their way to work.


Something love inspired would be nice. You'd better get started now.

3. Write them a hug note on a post-it.


4. Have a carpet picnic complete with Malteser tiffin and homemade tortilla chips and salsa dip.



5. Send an e-card of a loved up pair of animals via Friends of the Earth. Another environmentally friendly option is to reuse a card from a previous year.


7. Make a mix CD.

Now 32

Vickers got this for her birthday and we're all pretty jealous. It's got the 32 songs that have been number one on her birthday each year.

8. Embrace your inner cynic, hop on board the "Valentine's Day was invented by the card companies" bus and let it pass unnoticed. If your beloved complains, question why you loving them every other day of the year isn't enough.