Thoughts from February 2012

a sandwich situation

The butter in our kitchen can sometimes be a bit hard, but over the years we've all found our own way of getting around the issue.

Some of us are in no rush, and come back later. Others hold it over the hot toaster to warm it up a bit.

There's always one though, who simply can't wait.

Jake's buttering skills

But then who are we to judge? They probably just prefer it that way.


citrus celebrations

If you're wondering why the shop down the road's out of lemons and panicking about what to put on your pancakes tonight, then you'd better hot foot it over to Menton, in the South of France, where if you're very careful and exceptionally good at Jenga, you'll be able to pluck a couple from one of these constructions.


Lemon elephant

Lemon house

pancake day

Noone seems to talk about Pancake Day anymore. Maybe it's not cool to pan fry batter, chuck it about a bit then coat it with lemon and sugar. Maybe noone knows how to make batter these days. Or maybe, despite all the hype, they just don't taste very nice.


Who cares? Pancake Day is the one night in the whole year when you don't have to have a proper tea. There are no greens to plough through, no food groups to tick off, just eggs, flour, butter and milk all mixed together on a plate with your topping of choice. We can't think of anything we'd rather be eating tomorrow night.