Thoughts from August 2012

this bag used to be a firehose

firehose bagIt's made from decommissioned red, yellow and ultra-rare blue firehose by Elvis & Kresse, who make accessories with things that would otherwise go to waste. And even better, 50% of all profits on items from the firehose range go back to the Fire Fighters Charity.

Other materials they give new life to include waste coffee sacks, parachute silk and used Air Traffic Control flight strips. Very nifty.

Craig's trip to the Crees Foundation

From time to time, we like to visit some of our innocent foundation partners to say hello.

In the past, you may have seen stories from innocent people like Helen, JT, Emilie, Andrew, Clover and Emma, all of whom have visited foundation projects all over the world to share their skills and expertise where possible. Now, it’s our Craig’s turn. He heads off to Peru to work with the Crees Foundation this weekend and we’re really excited that someone from innocent is having the chance to work with this really remote project.

The innocent foundation agreed to support the GROW project set up by the Crees Foundation in 2010 for 3 years. The aim of the project is to boost local income and improve child and adult health by diverting activity away from environmentally damaging sources of income, and working with local people to develop family biogardens and community plots and promote agroforestry.

Since 2010, things have gone really well and produce is being grown in the biogardens (see photograph of Senora Rebeca Paccori in her biogarden below). Tasty, fresh veggies have really helped to improve diet and health, and the surplus crop can be sold for income. That’s where Craig will come in handy. Craig works in our commercial team selling our veg pots so he’ll be putting his skills to good use – working with the GROW project to investigate ways to market the surplus produce, so that the growers can make as much money as possible.

Senora rebeca paccori in her biogarden


We’re hoping Craig will be able to send us an update from Peru* so watch this space for more.

*worry not, Craig, we know that’s probably easier said than done when you’re in the middle of the Amazonian rainforest.