Thoughts from April 2012

the history of fools

With April fool’s day and the ‘launch’ of our mangoes and marmite smoothie behind us, we thought it time to honour the pioneers of the April fool’s broadcast and doff our caps to Dickie Dimbleby and his report on the bumper spaghetti harvest in southern Switzerland. This 1957 BBC program is thought to be the first time that TV was used to broadcast an April fool’s hoax and it generated a massive response from many confused viewers.

The piece came in the ‘and finally’ section on an episode of Panorama, with the much respected anchor explaining how an unusually mild winter and the "virtual disappearance of the spaghetti weevil" had led to a bumper crop of fresh spaghetti. His words were accompanied by video footage of a Swiss family harvesting the spaghetti from trees.

Hundreds of viewers got in touch with requests to settle arguments between husband and wife (chaps believed Mr Dimbleby’s words, their ladies knew better). Other viewers asked how to grow their own spaghetti trees, to which the BBC replied "place a sprig of spaghetti in a tin of tomato sauce and hope for the best".


the truth behind the lie

While you're all recovering from the shock revelation that we're not really making a mangoes and marmite smoothie, we thought it only fair to tell you how the prank came about. After all, as many celebrities and politicians know, a lie isn't a proper lie if you've got an explanation for it.

It all started back in February when we found ourselves watching the Super Bowl and trying to work out what the heck was going on. In a (mostly made-up) tweet about the rules, we said that the marks under the players’ eyes were probably Marmite. The people at Marmite agreed, and a relationship was born. Then our followers suggested we make a Marmite smoothie, and we decided to throw caution to the wind and give it a go.

marmite smoothies

We set Fliss from our products team the challenge of adding a dollop of Marmite to one of our classic recipes,  and although she was reluctant at first, her dedication to making great tasting drinks meant that we ended up with something that wasn't completely vile. Most people would agree that it looked better than it tasted though, and for that we have Clare from our design team to thank.

We even got the lads from Sorted Food involved, and they kindly popped in to Fruit Towers and whipped up a mango panna cotta with Marmite tuiles. Yum.

Thanks a lot for being such good sports and allowing us to have a bit of fun. We fooled more of you than we expected, including one of our suppliers who called us to ask for the recipe breakdown so they could enter it into their system, and a lady from Japan who was trying to understand what an earth an April Fool was, and wanted us to send her our new smoothie.

For those of you who are disappointed, feel free to have a go yourself. Just add 7g of marmite to 250ml of our mangoes and passion fruits smoothie, whisk as though your life depended on it, take a sip and enjoy/recoil/spit it out into the sink.

things that look like other things #3

Allow us to baffle your eyes once again, this time with a selection of celebrities who look like mattresses.

Distressed at the increasing number of mattresses being abandoned and left to fend for themselves, the Facebook page for the Unofficial Tourist Board for Walthamstow have put together these photos to raise awareness of the problem. They hope that by relating the mattresses to well known stars, we might think twice about tossing them out on the streets when we get bored of them.

Some of our favourites include Mickey Rourke looking like a mattress.

Mickey rourke and a mattressAnd Rihanna.

Rihanna and a matressAnd Jason Statham with what we hope is a big sweat patch on his t-shirt.

Jason statham and a mattress

only joking

marmite smoothie - not coming to a store near you

It was just a bit of fun for April Fools' Day. We’re not sure the world’s ready for a mangoes & marmite smoothie just yet. We hope you’re not too disappointed.

mangoes and marmite

mangoes and marmite smoothie

Ever wondered what the fresh, sweet taste of mangoes and passion fruits would be like mixed with the distinctive, savoury kick of Marmite? Well, wonder no more, because we’ve added a dollop of the stuff to our classic smoothie and created a brand new limited edition recipe, mangoes & marmite. Lovers – you’d better stock up quick as it won’t be around for long. Haters – don’t worry, it’ll be gone soon enough.