Thoughts from April 2012

award winners


target jobs award



innocent picking up their targetjobs aware

A couple of weeks ago we won a Target Jobs award by being voted 'the most popular company graduates would like to work for in the consumer goods category'. Our Jojo (the one being restrained by the lady in the blue), Caz (the one wearing a look of surprise), and Lena (the little one in the black looking relatively normal) went to the awards ceremony to receive a nice shiny trophy and a firm handshake from David Walliams (the one who looks like he'd rather be somewhere else) and a round of applause. If you're a graduate who voted for us - thanks very much, we're chuffed to have won.

our carton family

We are delighted to announce that both our kids juicy drink carton and our 1.25 litre carton are now made from 100% Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified card, making the whole carton family forest friendly. 

FSC logo

Forests are special places, and we want them to stick around. By using card with the FSC stamp of approval, we can be sure that it comes from responsibly managed forests where people, animals and trees are all treated with the respect they deserve. If you want to read more about the great work of the FSC visit their website.

rain rain go away

It's been raining a lot recently and we've been wondering why. We were about to embark on a study in collaboration with Bob Johnson and Sian Lloyd, when we remembered that Fran Healy from the Scottish alternative rock band Travis tried to answer the question back in 1999. 

As a child Fran dreamed of following in his idol Michael Fish's footsteps and becoming a meteorologist, but became disillusioned when Mr Fish famously told everyone that there wasn't a storm on the way in 1987 when in fact there was a really bad one which caused record damage and killed 18 people. So when he joined the band in the early nineties, he set about trying to disprove modern meteorological techniques using the medium of song.

He became convinced that a lie he told to his mum when he was 17 about vomiting in the glove compartment of her beloved Austin Metro was the reason it rained so much. Concerned friends and family pointed out that it rained all the time in Glasgow anyway and that it was time he made peace with himself, but he just couldn't let go of his demons and his fixation with the weather ultimately led to the band's demise.

Nowadays Fran can be found touring the UK not with his guitar, but with his waterproof poncho stall, which he takes to all the major festivals to help revellers have fun without getting wet.

imagine having a cloud in your front room

You could spend your days lying on the rug in front of the fire, dipping crudités into houmous while you marvel at the magic of water and its various states and dream of a life less ordinary.

The Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde must have had a similar idea, as he's found a way to conjure up indoor clouds using a smoke machine, moisture and dramatic lighting. Pretty impressive eh?

Nimbus ii by berndnaut smilde Nimbus by berndnaut smilde

The only problem is that the clouds only last a split second before disappearing, which means that our dreams of cosy carpet picnics are a little way off from becoming reality.