Thoughts from April 2012

the 4.45 fair

Yesterday the marketing team had a day off from their usual duties to learn how to be entrepreneurs.

richard reed talking about how to be an entrepreneur

In the morning we heard some motivational words from our co-founder Rich, Kathryn Hibbert who is the author of the book Free, and the lovely Bronte who was our very first people person here at innocent but who now runs Scandinavian Kitchen. Bronte was also kind enough to supply lunch.

open sandwiches from scandinavian kitchen

Then once we'd stuffed as many open sandwiches and slices of cake into our face-holes as possible, we were set to work.

In teams of four and with £20 to spend, our challenge was to create a product or service to sell at a fair on the ground floor at Fruit Towers that afternoon at 4.45pm. Our customers each had £10 worth of counterfeit currency to spend, and 30 minutes in which to spend it.

the 4.45 fair
Team one decided to sell some classic innocent memories, including signed photos of the three founders.

classic innocent memories for sale

  signed photos of the founders
Jon's photo was quick to sell out.

signed photos of the founders
Team two had flowers, sweets and tea towels for sale on their stall.

flowers for sale

sweets for sale
Team three made personalised name plates for everyone who came to the fair.

name plates for sale
And team four sold the leftover cake from lunch, kisses, and appointments with a fortune telling monkey.

cake-away boxes cake and a kiss

Team two made the most profit, so they won the competition, but it was a fun day for all involved.

a wise man once said

"There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes"

girls in newcastle in the snow wearing dresses

So stop whinging about the rain, take your mum's advice and go and buy yourself an anorak.